Sports Visitors from Mexico after a basketball training at the USA Basketball headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sports Visitors from Mexico after a basketball training at the USA Basketball headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado



The Sports Visitor Program is a sports-based international exchange that represents American excellence, leadership, and key lessons learned in sports broadly – from playgrounds to professional leagues.

Sports Visitors are non-elite youth athletes, coaches, and administrators who travel to the United States for a fast-paced short-term sports cultural exchange. During the program, they engage with American peers and sports practitioners, participate in clinics and sessions on leadership, team-building and conflict resolution, as well as on inclusion and equity in sport. Sports Visitor programs show young people how success in athletics can translate into achievements in the classroom and life. They also provide Americans with an opportunity to interact firsthand with people from every region of the world.

“Sport is one of the most impactful ways to change perceptions and empower individuals with disabilities and their families.”
— Sports Visitor Participant- Zambia

“I thought it was going to be basketball drills all of the time, but…wow, it was that and so much more. Coaching clinics and opportunities to interact with young American women and coaches kept us active and engaged each day. One of the most amazing days was when we met the Secretary of State. Being in the presence of such a powerful woman shows us how a woman can reach the highest office in whatever career she chooses! She got to the top and is reaching out to women all over the world…showing that anything is possible for a young lady with a vision. The girls and I will not forget this experience and I believe it will inspire them in more ways than we can imagine.”
— Sports Visitor Participant, Belia Zibowa

Recent Program Highlights

Coaches for Strong Communities in West Jave:

From April 28th-May 12th, 14 youth soccer coaches from Indonesia travelled to the United States to take part in the U.S. Department of States Sports Visitor program. Starting in Washington DC, the group participated in an action planning workshop, joined in multiple discussions about sports and society, met with Washington Spirit FC, and participated in a coaching clinic with Coaches Across Continents.

The group then travelled to San Francisco where they partnered with US Soccer to receive an 11v11  Grassroot Coaching license; helping build valuable coaching capacity and knowledge. Over the course of eight days in the Bay Area, the group continued to learn from organizations in the United States to further their capacity to empower youth in their home communities through sports and mentorship. In addition to meeting with organizations such as BAWSI and Soccer Without Borders; the group participated in a ropes course through the Pacific Leadership Institute, public speaking workshop with the University of San Francisco, and learned about restorative justice at UC Berkeley.

Get involved

We welcome the direct interest of non-profits, community organizations, professional sports teams, athletes, coaches, and administrators who want to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals from around the world.   

If you are interested in engaging with international Sports Visitors in the United States, please message us below to find out more.

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