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Mexico Basketball Coaches Sports Visitor Program

The Sports Visitor Program brings non-elite youth athletes and coaches to the United States to explore U.S. society, culture, and history through the lens of sports.  Participants interact with American peers both on and off-the-court, whereby challenging their stereotypes of the U.S. and broadening their notions of diversity, inclusion, and American values.  In coordination with U.S. Embassy Mexico City and the Mexican Basketball Federation, the Sports Diplomacy Division will host a group of fourteen male and female Mexican youth basketball coaches in Colorado Springs, CO and San Antonio, TX. 

The coaches will learn youth basketball coaching techniques and youth development principles, both on and off-the-court, while exploring the role of a coach as a mentor.  The program will count on partnerships with USA Basketball, The Basketball Embassy, Positive Coaching Alliance, among others and will take place in conjunction with the NCAA Final Four in San Antonio, TX.  Upon the coaches’ return home, PAS Mexico City will support implementation of participants’ action plans around the growth of women’s basketball, professionalization of youth basketball coaching, basketball for community engagement, and the standardization of coaching methodologies nationwide.