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The Department of State partners with professional sports leagues, the U.S. Olympic Committee, U.S. Soccer and other U.S. national governing bodies of sport to recruit and select Sports Envoys. We also welcome the direct interest of accomplished athletes, coaches, and administrators who want to make a positive difference in countries around the world.   

If you are interested in engaging with international Sports Visitors in the United States or becoming a Sports Envoy, please message us below to find out more.

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Sports Visitor and Sports Envoy Testimonials

Although we spent lots of time on the field playing, more importantly we spent a good amount talking about issues that girls and women face on a daily basis.
— Alex Morgan
Thanks again for helping put all of this trip to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou together. Everything went super smoothly and I had a great time working with everyone. Thanks for the opportunity!
— Lia Neal, U.S. Olympic Medalist- 2017 Sports Envoy
“I thought it was going to be basketball drills all of the time, but…wow, it was that and so much more. Coaching clinics and opportunities to interact with young American women and coaches kept us active and engaged each day. One of the most amazing days was when we met the Secretary of State. Being in the presence of such a powerful woman shows us how a woman can reach the highest office in whatever career she chooses! She got to the top and is reaching out to women all over the world…showing that anything is possible for a young lady with a vision. The girls and I will not forget this experience and I believe it will inspire them in more ways than we can imagine.”
— Sports Visitor Participant, Belia Zibowa
“Sport has been a great love and hobby for me, but now it will surely be my livelihood. I’m no longer scared to dream big.”
— Sports Visitor Participant, Belia Zibowa
I learned that even us, if you are passionate on something- like me personally, I’m passionate about sports- I have a dream that one day I can be someone, talking to other people like how Alex (Morgan) is talking to us and inspring the next generation.
— Tanzania Sports Envoy Participant
I know we have made a difference on many lives. I know we have contributed positively to the reconciliation effort. I know we provided moments that the Champions will never ever forget, not because of what we did or what we said, but because of how we made them feel
— Joanna Lohman, 2017 Sports Envoy to Cote D'Ivoire
I’m here in Tanzania to learn about these amazing girls and boys who go to this school, to play soccder with them, to share stories- how inspirational and how athletic these girls and boys are.
— Alex Morgan, 2017 Sports Envoy Tanzania