I learned that even us, if you are passionate on something- like me personally, I’m passionate about sports- I have a dream that one day I can be someone, talking to other people like how Alex (Morgan) is talking to us and inspring the next generation.
— Tanzania Sports Envoy Participant


FHI 360 is a nonprofit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways. As social and economic problems become increasingly global, there is a growing need for sharing ideas across borders. FHI 360 is a leader in designing international exchanges that promote leadership, professional development, academic opportunities and global collaboration.

Our programs help emerging leaders from around the world develop their skills, make valuable global contacts and gain a deeper understanding of each other’s society and culture. FHI 360 also connects students, scholars and civil society leaders to important opportunities. These programs expand access to critical knowledge and develop sustainable linkages that transcend national borders.

Specifically related to our Sports Visitor and Sports Envoy programs:

YOUTH: Our youth exchange programs help young people channel their energy and ideas into creating innovative solutions to social and economic challenges. Participants visit the United States to develop new skills, a sense of civic responsibility and action plans for initiatives that serve their communities. Ian Manzi Sekamana, from Kigali, Rwanda, returned home with an action plan to create a center that would make accessible resources for youth regarding college applications and local job employment in addition to a place that would host community sponsored events. Ian said his exchange program taught him, “how to be a leader to your own self” and provided him an opportunity to “not just connect with U.S. citizens but also to connect with my fellow African youth”.

SPORT: FHI 360 commits its staff and projects to providing a holistic approach to improving lives, including the use of sports as a “safe space” and unique avenue to provide education and promote awareness of social issues to youth. Our programs have used sports to promote women’s and girls’ empowerment, build leadership skills, and address the needs of at-risk youth. Through mentorship and workshops, our exchange participants return home with the tools and strength to create and promote camps, after school programs, and athletic competitions focusing on youth empowerment, gender equality, and community safety.

FHI 360 International Sports, Cultural, and Youth Programs Team

Learn a little more about who is organizing and implementing the Sports Envoy and Sports Visitor programs alongside Department of State staff.