Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Photojournalist(s) of the Day: Jaykler Mercado Olivas (Costa Rica) and Juliana Fuentes Ramirez (Venezuela)


Juliana: Today was an incredible day! We practiced a lot of amazing skills and we learned tips about soccer! One the thing that I learned and loved was how to give strength to the ball when kicking and shooting. After many failed attempts, I finally achieved it! 

We also learned how to do rowing with the Community Rowing, Inc. (CRI). This was cool because it showed us that when we work together as a team, anything can be achieved. We also competed in team relays challenging each other and supporting our teammates as brothers and sisters.

Jaykler: My favorite part of today was when we were practicing shooting skills. We learned different ways to kick the ball with all your power! I also learned that even when you have the chance to go alone and kick the ball, you should wait for your teammates to create a better opportunity to score! As every day passes here, we have improved the teamwork and the communication! We are so excited to be part of this program and so happy that we are here right now to represent our countries and share with all the participants and coaches. This an awesome experience that we are for sure going to share with our families and friends all over Venezuela,  Haiti, Panama, and Costa Rica.


The Sports Visitor Program entitled, "Youth Soccer and ESL", brings 20 participants from Costa Rica, Haiti, Panama, and Venezuela to the U.S. for a fast-paced short-term sports cultural exchange.

Sports Can Change the World

Photojournalist(s) of the Day: Patricia Saint Cilien (Haiti) and Vaniet Rodriguez (Panama)


Patricia: I had a really impressive day today! I really enjoyed playing soccer in the rain with some famous coaches and players. One of the things that I learned today is that sports can change the world. Sports "level the playing field" so that everybody is equal and seeking to be happy. No matter what happens, the most important thing is to enjoy each moment, accepting everything and transforming them into opportunities to learn.

During my time in Boston, I've really enjoyed the architecture --I find it unique! I have more days left to see more and, above all, I'm having fun!

Vaniet: My favorite part of the day was playing with my teammates --I enjoyed every second! During camp we also we practiced our skills and that’s was very helpful. In the afternoon, we had an amazing opportunity to meet Scott Caldwell and Juan Agudelo from New England Revolution, the professional men's soccer team in Boston. We really enjoy playing with them!

The most important thing that we learned today was to be friendly and get to know everyone at camp. This is important when we communicate on the field like when we need to pass the ball and try to score a goal.



The Sports Visitor Program entitled, "Youth Soccer and ESL", brings 20 participants from Costa Rica, Haiti, Panama, and Venezuela to the U.S. for a fast-paced short-term sports cultural exchange.

Team Building and American History

Photojournalist(s) of the Day: Randy Ramirez (Venezuela) and Laure Charles (Haiti)

Laure: Today during camp we had Team Olympics and were divided into team of three people each representing a different country. Each country team tried to complete each of 10 different challenges as fast as they could. My favorite part of the day was seeing how everyone was giving their all to win! This showed me that no matter how tired you are, deep down there is an energy that we stock to realize important things in life. The most important lesson that I got today was to focus on what is important because you do not have time to fully capture several moments when you are multi-tasking or have many responsibilities.


Randy: I’m going to start by saying that today was an amazing day with the Soccer Without Borders team! We focused on two of the most important rules during this camp which are:

(1) Have Fun!
(2) Create a safe place to play and train.

After camp we ate lunch and in the afternoon, we had the opportunity to learn about American history and culture. We took a walking tour of Boston along the Freedom Trail.

It was a pleasure having the chance to share one more day with this group who is becoming one big family.


The Sports Visitor Program entitled, "Youth Soccer and ESL", brings 20 participants from Costa Rica, Haiti, Panama, and Venezuela to the U.S. for a fast-paced short-term sports cultural exchange.

First Day of Soccer Camp

Photojournalist(s) of the Day: Jahaziel Vergara (Panama) and Andrés Fallas (Costa Rica)


Jahaziel: Today we had an opportunity to do a lot of cool things and to also learn more about soccer! One of the things that I learned today was dribbling with the bottom of my foot --it was so difficult but so fun! We also had the opportunity to play bubble soccer for the first time and we laughed a lot. I think that is so crazy to imagine that we all get along so well being from different places. This demonstrates that the only thing that matters it’s how passionate you are about something. I hope that we can keep having so much fun the rest of the week just like we did today!

Andrés: I really enjoyed this day. We traveled around the city of Boston by train. I was so excited! Today was out first day of soccer camp. We met very good people and excellent coaches. I really enjoyed the training for today --that was tiring but really great. The funniest part of day was playing bubble soccer. I think we were more focused on knocking over our teammates with the bubble and we forgot that we have to score a goal. But, I loved it and laughed a lot. Finally, we had a delicious dinner and then went to rest because was a really exhausting day.




The Sports Visitor Program entitled, "Youth Soccer and ESL", brings 20 participants from Costa Rica, Haiti, Panama, and Venezuela to the U.S. for a fast-paced short-term sports cultural exchange.

Sports, Society, and the Mayor!

During the morning we had the visit of Mayor Ms. Esther E. Manheimer.

We talked about how security is working in Asheville, some programs in which young people can participate and develop many skills.

We talked about different problems that she as the Mayor can have and the solutions she tries to find to stop them.

We also had a good time knowing a little more about the life being a Mayor.

I can say that she is a great example for every single women who was in that room, specially because in politics you cannot see so many girls.

And at the end of the talk, I was able to say that she is an example of Women Empowerment. 🙌😊

We went to the UNCA to have a discussion about Sports and Society.

First, we talked about women and men payment and how there's inequity in payment, all of them do the same work and do the same effort and anyways, women are less payed, something I found interesting is that most of the time women are stereotyped in sports.

Also everyone is able to do any sport they want to, there are no limits.

Second, we talked about LGBT athletes and how difficult it is for them to admit who they are and who they love, explained in the own experience of Ms. Stacey Enos.

She motivated everyone not to hide who we really are and not to give up even if there's people who's not gonna accept us.

Be who you are, you are in your rights to do it!

The last topic was Racism and sports, nowadays everything is different, most of people are accepted in all sports, but it has not been always like that, during many years there was people who was not accepted because of the color of their skin of the country they come from.

Something I learn from here is that sports can break barriers and unite all the wolrd, it just depend of us and how we want it to be.



My 4th of July!

Being the first time in the US and experienceing 4th of July was really fun. It showed how much the people love their country. People, friends and family come together. People walk in a parades and were a costumes of the US to show how proud they are. I went myself to the parade that day and I can tell you how happy everyone was. As lunch I made corn in the Pakistani way and everyone liked it. We had a full lunch table and everyone was enjoying it. In the evening we went to watch the fireworks. Let me tell you: they are noting like Belgium fireworks! They were just amazing! How people gathered. Talked to each other. Families coming together. All for the fireworks and especially for the US. A wonderful experience with a lot of memories!