Wheelchair Basketball

Teammates and Lifelong Friends


Hello! My name is Sirasak (aka "Oak") and I am from Thailand. My favorite part of camp so far has been seeing my teammates smile and having fun. Being part of a team makes us happy and helps us find new friends. Many thanks to all of University of Illinois coaching staff who helped teach wheelchair basketball techniques.

I would also like to thank everyone who made it possible for us to come to the U.S. and learn about different adaptive sports, practice wheelchair basketball skills, and get to know new friends from all over the world. Thanks for the opportunity!

This is a Place for Everyone


Hello! My name is Adisak (aka "Add") and I am from Thailand. I'm very happy and it has been a pleasure to get a chance come to the University of Illinois for this camp for training. Although there is a language barrier between me and my friends on the team, we are still able to communicate with each other. This camp helped me be brave and more comfortable in speaking English more, especially when we are all training together. I'm very happy with our time at the camp!


Hi, my name is Soraya. I come from Thailand. On this Sports Visitor Program, I saw that almost everything here on campus accessible for people with disabilities. Here, people don’t think people with disabilities are different. People aren't separated by ability and instead we all work together.

I like this poster in front of the gym that says:  "This is a place for everyone".

I am impressed with the gym at the university. It is very big! When you're training, you can see the view outside and there are many hoops and courts for practice. My dream is to build something like this back home. We need to have a space like this in Thailand for team trainings or for similar camps designed for youth with disabilities. This program has given me so many positive experiences and I am very thankful for the opportunity!

Training the Next Generation of Wheelchair Basketball Athletes


Hello. My name is Teerapong (aka 'Bas') and I am a member of the U-23 Wheelchair Basketball Team in Thailand. I am very happy to be here at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign this week and participating in the wheelchair basketball training camp.

During the camp, I intend on practicing hard and taking note of all the knowledge we are taught in each session. When I back to Thailand, I will use that knowledge and training to continue to develop my skills in this game. Also, I want to share my experience and teach the next generation of wheelchair basketball players in Thailand.

Friends, Dreams, and Adaptive Softball

Adina Softball

Hello, my name is Adina. I am 20 years old and I'm from Kyrgyzstan. For me, today was the most interesting and best day because I met very good people, got a good incentive for my future life, and made new friends. It was also my first time trying to play softball and it was very fascinating! 

In my country, there are no such sports events for people with disabilities but today I saw it with my own eyes. I saw even more opportunities for myself. Trying to play softball was, for me, a new experience, a new discovery. I learned that you can do whatever you love without any restriction, and that in life it is necessary to try everything and to not be afraid to work towards your goal, to a dream, no matter what. Thank you very much for this opportunity to be on the Sports Visitor Wheelchair Basketball Program!

Softball Selfie

First Day in the Windy City!

Hello everyone! My name is Indra. I’m from Indonesia. Today is first day of the Youth Wheelchair Basketball Sport Visitor Program and I was lucky to be the first guy to be the photojournalist of the day. We did a lot of activities! For example, we played ice breaking games for introductions and to get to know each other better. After that, we ate really good and delicious pizza.


During the break, I went to Millennium Park to see Cloud Gate ("The Bean") and I took a lot of pictures. At 03:30 pm we met with representatives of University of Illinois Chicago and we discussed “Title IX” and how it applies to sports.

Cloud Gate