Cradle to Crayon

Photojournalist of the day: Theophilus (Nigeria)

I did so many things today, such as studying at the ELS English language center, which involved with reading a passage in English and answering the questions. We also attended a leadership session, volunteered at Cradle to Crayon, which has to do with volunteer opportunity, and lastly a funny game.

My favorite activity was the volunteer opportunity at Cradle to Crayon, because it was a good opportunity to provide kids or children from 2-18 who are homeless or lack a good financial situation by helping them with essential things they need at home, school, playground and connecting them with self-mindedness.

I learned a lot of things, but my favorite was helping young children who have nothing in life. Secondly, I enjoyed the leadership experience which has to do with learning about yourself. It was important to me because everyone is not created of equal level and learning has to do with practicing and focusing every day.