Photojournalist of the day: Lars Van Der Meiren – Belgium

Today was a sporty and educational day. This was the first morning we had to leave our host family alone in a group to go to the English classes. For this trip we had to take the bus and train independently so that we would be on time for our very first lesson in Boston. At 8.30 A.M. we received an English lesson from a good teacher. We learned to explain soccer tactics and positions in English. It’s a unique way to keep the class on the same theme and at the same time learn because we all love soccer. After that we received an improvisation lesson for 2 hours and we learned to respond quickly and clearly to other people’s reactions in an active and educational manner. Everyone was involved so that we would all participate in the activity. I liked this lesson because it was funny and it was the first time I ever had a improvisation lesson. After this we were able to quietly enjoy our lunch and afterwards learn the sport of rowing. This sport is much harder and more explosive in power than most of us think. This was also my favourite activity because it was the first time I practiced this sport. At the end of the day some went shopping which is a must in Boston due to the many brand stores. Most participants found this was one of the best days we have experienced.

Improv Boston.jpg
Improv Boston 1.jpg