Soccer Camp: Day 1 w/ Soccer Without Borders

Photojournalist of the Day: Jolien Roelens (Belgium)

This morning we had our first day of camp, so we had to get up early. This time we were all on time and could grab breakfast together. Once we finished, we immediately took the metro. After a short walk, we arrived at the soccer field. The day didn’t start good for Yassin, Marie-Sophie and me because our baggage still didn’t get to us and we had nothing to wear. Luckily a couple of other participants had some clothes for us that we could borrow. In Alewife, we met the team of Soccer Without Borders, they were all so friendly and kind and starts to play soccer with us. Then the director of the program told us about the four rules: be positive, speak English, respect each other and the material and try everything. After his speech, the girls and boys were separated, and we started with some warming up games.

Step by step (and you can take that very literally), I learned new names and I could match them with all the new faces. Our first lesson was about passing a ball. There are three things that you must remember: first, COMMUNICATION you need to speak, shout out names, ask for a pass… Next you have THE BANANA; it’s the arch of your foot and you must use this to pass the ball. And the third step is PLANT AND POINT. Your not dominant foot has to point in the direction you want to pass. I really enjoyed practising this and every coach was really nice. At the end we played a little game. I met a lot of new girls, but I want to say thanks to Vanessa and her sister Rachel, because they made me feel comfortable, they askes me questions about Belgium and my family and I really made me feel welcome. They Rock! GRLPWR. IN the afternoon we had free time and could choose what to do. I went to the Public Library, a Protestant Church and we sav the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I found I chocking to be at a place and see the two monuments were a couple of years ago, people died. It gave me goose bumps, especially because there were a man and his wife, right at the finish, who gave food the homeless people. And they were really grateful. After dinner, we went to the Charles River to see the sunset. It was like a kind of double date: Lars and the two girls. We really had fun and were almost attacked by a group of gooses, but luckily we could escape. The date and evening went well and we can conclude that there wasn’t a third wheel 😊. Today was really incredible, when we played soccer I felt really strong and powerful and the finish line made me realize that life can end any moment and you should just enjoy! Ps: some more good news: our luggage arrived and now we all have fresh clothes and a pyjama. I’m ready for tomorrow, another great day.