Storytelling Day 2

Photojournalists of the Day: Aarti, Sunita, Jolina, Sandhya, and Smartdini (India)

 Today we did many things like sharing our story with group of people with different country. We have to tell about sport how have impacted in my life and leadership. We have to discuss about our story with our team and everyone have to say their story and we have to give feedback for everyone. I told my story to everyone and I like story telling. My best moment was giving the speech in front of so many people.

 We had game also.  This game I really like because this game shows unity which I show and did. I learnt that team work is very important to get success in your goal. Teamwork makes a hard task into easy task because everyone gives efforts to do the task. Helping each other is sportsman spirit.

My favourite activity was team building activity because it was about communication and working together in all sports. We are come here to learn from different countries and we should do that in team. I learnt something new which is to forget scary things which confines us from mixing with others. Confidence is important tor because it helps me to succeed in my life and build my leadership skills.