Team-building and new lessons

Photojournalists of the Day: Leona A., Sara I., Karla K., Melani M., and Mara S. (Croatia)

Today, we have visited Adventure Tree2Tree park, and we did lot of activities there. We had unforgettable moments there!  It was really fun and educating. We had two parts of it. The first one was team building. It was very challenging, and we had to work together to finish our tasks.  The second part of our program was the actual adventure park. We climbed the trees and had ziplines and ropes to go from one to the other tree. My favourite moment was zipline, because I was little bit scared and I figured it out that zipline is really great. It was challenging and I think lot of us defeated out fears. We laughed throughout the whole course and it was great.


Every one of us was part of one team and all of us need to take the same responsibility to achieve team goaI. I have learned a lot of things, but most important one for me was team work. Without team support everything is more difficult. For example now we know that one person alone can't do a lot but if you help each other and work together we can do everything. We learned how much communication and focus is important. It is interesting how much we can learn just in one game and in general in sports. I also learned that you can make goals by yourself, but it's a lot easier when you have someone to help you and you work as a team. I'm very honored to be a part of an amazing program.