New Friends and Activities


Photojournalists of the Day: Sochita C., Phath H., Nhanh K., Ratana R., and Maneth U. (Cambodia)

Today we have a lot of activities. I have learned about a new game of sport “Ship Island.” This game made me make new friends and learn new skills from the activities. I really enjoyed it because we need to do team work to play. It such anew a lesson to me. I love kind of these activities so much. I wish we could have these kinds of activities in my community in the future. We had the opening program and played soccer on teams with other countries. I learned a lots from the games, activities in dorms and outside, soccer and the movie Alex and Me yesterday. I have learned about communication and shared experience of what we have learned so far. I many new friends, and I got some encouragements from my new friends. I also like them so much because they are so friendly, and we respect each other when we share something new together. I hope I can see this more and more in the next two weeks.