Building from the Basics

Photojournalist of the Day: Kairat T. (Kazakhstan)

Similar to the previous days, our third day at the wheelchair basketball camp brought tons of information.

We have been discussing different aspects of training during the coaches clinics. During today’s session, we examined best practices on facilitating teamwork by watching and analyzing videos of wheelchair basketball games at the Paralympics. We also gained insight on how sports wheelchairs are measured to fit each player’s specific needs.

The youth athletes (also know as ‘campers’) have been learning a bit more complex techniques which they have been building up to since the first camp session. These new techniques include screen-and-roll and triple switch, which they have been practicing during the game play as well as other basics they learned over the last few days.

The day was long but full of useful and practical information and knowledge!


The Sports Visitor Program entitled, "Youth Wheelchair Basketball, Disability Rights, and Inclusion", brings 14 participants from Kazakhstan and Thailand to the U.S. for a fast-paced short-term sports cultural exchange.