Climbing to the Top

Photojournalist of the Day: Alibek T. (Kazakhstan)

Today was our third day in Chicago. Everything we did was full of fun. First we played American football for the first time. Staff from GLASA, Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association, taught us the rules and showed us how to play the game.

We also visited Access Living which is a center in Chicago that works to support the protection of the rights of people with disabilities. We learned more about their work and the Americans With Disabilities Act.

But the day was not over! In the evening, we went to Maggie Daley Park and tried rock climbing. It was not easy but it was really exciting. We really appreciate the Sports Visitor program for giving us an opportunity to feel like we’re on TOP!


The Sports Visitor Program entitled, "Youth Wheelchair Basketball, Disability Rights, and Inclusion", brings 14 participants from Kazakhstan and Thailand to the U.S. for a fast-paced short-term sports cultural exchange.