Team Building and American History

Photojournalist(s) of the Day: Randy Ramirez (Venezuela) and Laure Charles (Haiti)

Laure: Today during camp we had Team Olympics and were divided into team of three people each representing a different country. Each country team tried to complete each of 10 different challenges as fast as they could. My favorite part of the day was seeing how everyone was giving their all to win! This showed me that no matter how tired you are, deep down there is an energy that we stock to realize important things in life. The most important lesson that I got today was to focus on what is important because you do not have time to fully capture several moments when you are multi-tasking or have many responsibilities.


Randy: I’m going to start by saying that today was an amazing day with the Soccer Without Borders team! We focused on two of the most important rules during this camp which are:

(1) Have Fun!
(2) Create a safe place to play and train.

After camp we ate lunch and in the afternoon, we had the opportunity to learn about American history and culture. We took a walking tour of Boston along the Freedom Trail.

It was a pleasure having the chance to share one more day with this group who is becoming one big family.


The Sports Visitor Program entitled, "Youth Soccer and ESL", brings 20 participants from Costa Rica, Haiti, Panama, and Venezuela to the U.S. for a fast-paced short-term sports cultural exchange.