First Day of Soccer Camp

Photojournalist(s) of the Day: Jahaziel Vergara (Panama) and Andrés Fallas (Costa Rica)


Jahaziel: Today we had an opportunity to do a lot of cool things and to also learn more about soccer! One of the things that I learned today was dribbling with the bottom of my foot --it was so difficult but so fun! We also had the opportunity to play bubble soccer for the first time and we laughed a lot. I think that is so crazy to imagine that we all get along so well being from different places. This demonstrates that the only thing that matters it’s how passionate you are about something. I hope that we can keep having so much fun the rest of the week just like we did today!

Andrés: I really enjoyed this day. We traveled around the city of Boston by train. I was so excited! Today was out first day of soccer camp. We met very good people and excellent coaches. I really enjoyed the training for today --that was tiring but really great. The funniest part of day was playing bubble soccer. I think we were more focused on knocking over our teammates with the bubble and we forgot that we have to score a goal. But, I loved it and laughed a lot. Finally, we had a delicious dinner and then went to rest because was a really exhausting day.




The Sports Visitor Program entitled, "Youth Soccer and ESL", brings 20 participants from Costa Rica, Haiti, Panama, and Venezuela to the U.S. for a fast-paced short-term sports cultural exchange.