An Incredible Day with Family

Photojournalist(s) of the Day: Cristhian Mora Quirós (Costa Rica) and Cristiam Castellanos (Venezuela)

Cristhian: Today was incredible! We had a chance to explore the city of Boston and its culture, even more, we went to a soccer match between two professional teams, the New England Revolution vs. the Philadelphia Union. Attending the match was my favorite part of the day because you can learn about the environment around the sport and enjoy it. During my stay in Boston, I've been amazed by the politeness of the people and the organization of the city.

Cristiam: Today was one of the best days ever! It made me realize that it does not matter if you have different flags, languages, or life styles, sports can join us as siblings. Seeing thousands of people cheering and celebrating together taught me that soccer is an excellent tool to make us better humans.

My favorite part today was to forgetting for a moment that we only arrive here one week ago, and to think that I was watching a game with my family. Thank you guys for every moment. And, of course, Happy Birthday, Sheila!


The Sports Visitor Program entitled, "Youth Soccer and ESL", brings 20 participants from Costa Rica, Haiti, Panama, and Venezuela to the U.S. for a fast-paced short-term sports cultural exchange.