Sports, Society, and the Mayor!

During the morning we had the visit of Mayor Ms. Esther E. Manheimer.

We talked about how security is working in Asheville, some programs in which young people can participate and develop many skills.

We talked about different problems that she as the Mayor can have and the solutions she tries to find to stop them.

We also had a good time knowing a little more about the life being a Mayor.

I can say that she is a great example for every single women who was in that room, specially because in politics you cannot see so many girls.

And at the end of the talk, I was able to say that she is an example of Women Empowerment. 🙌😊

We went to the UNCA to have a discussion about Sports and Society.

First, we talked about women and men payment and how there's inequity in payment, all of them do the same work and do the same effort and anyways, women are less payed, something I found interesting is that most of the time women are stereotyped in sports.

Also everyone is able to do any sport they want to, there are no limits.

Second, we talked about LGBT athletes and how difficult it is for them to admit who they are and who they love, explained in the own experience of Ms. Stacey Enos.

She motivated everyone not to hide who we really are and not to give up even if there's people who's not gonna accept us.

Be who you are, you are in your rights to do it!

The last topic was Racism and sports, nowadays everything is different, most of people are accepted in all sports, but it has not been always like that, during many years there was people who was not accepted because of the color of their skin of the country they come from.

Something I learn from here is that sports can break barriers and unite all the wolrd, it just depend of us and how we want it to be.