First 4th of July!

I was the photojournalist of the 4th of July. Before explaining what we exactly did during this day, I think it's important to mention that we slept until 10 am because we were tired after the amazing day that we spent in Dollywood. As usually, we took our breakfast. Then we went to Asad's host family's home to pick him up. When he arrived I went with him outside for some walking. It was pretty good, there were some good views and we took some pictures. After that we went home and did some work in Brian's workshop. He showed us how to make a pen by using wood. Making things using wood is one of Brian's hobbies. Then we had lunch and after we went downtown. It was really good, we took some great pictures, we saw some dogs diving in a swimming pool etc. Of course, it was the afternoon so it was super hot and we decided to buy a lemon juice. After that we went to a clothes shop and we saw Hamid and his host family there! We stayed with them and went together to a park with lot of trees and we ate some fruits that were on the trees. Then we went home and had dinner and after we went downtown to see the fireworks. It was beautiful.

During this day, I didn't learn what is the 4th of July because I already knew that it was the independence day and we studied at school history of America (colonization etc). However, I learned about how Americans (from Asheville) celebrate the 4th of July. It was quite great and I spent a good day.