Make Big Plans and Aim High!

Hi, my name is Jessadakorn (aka "Freshy"). I am 20 years old and I'm from Thailand. Today, I went to the Willis Tower SkyDeck. It's very high from the ground and I was very, very excited about it! I was also excited to present for the first time in front of a lot of people. Today, I had a lot of "firsts" and I loved it. It was my perfect day with friends.


Hello people! My name is Muhammad Khanafi but people call me "Hanafi" (and my friends from Thailand call me "Hanami"). It's my honor to be a part of this awesome program. I thought that going to U.S. was just a dream but I'm here to learn and had a great experience so far. I have met great people from the U.S., Thailand, and Kyrgyzstan. 

Today, we went to Sky Deck at the Willis Tower which is the highest building in Chicago. We saw all of the city from up there! I also found my quote of the day on the wall at at the Willis Tower.

Make big plans. Aim high in hope and work...
— Daniel Burnham

After lunch, we went to City Hall which is the official seat of Chicago government. We learned about government rules and policy for equality, human rights, and public access and education for people with disabilities. It is very interesting to know how to treat all people well.

In the evening, we had a "meet and greet". We shared about a lot of things like adaptive sports, disability rights, and culture from our countries of Indonesia, Thailand, and Kyrgyzstan. And then for the closing time we got pizza! Thank you so much for this opportunity and for having this program.